Nowadays data can be stored anywhere; on premise, at a colocation, at a cloud hosting provider or on a public cloud platform such as GCP, Azure or AWS. When looking at moving data between  platforms, good planning and coordination is essential. That is why Damecon chose to use NetApp’s Cloud Sync for a migration of data between AWS S3 and Damecon’s own managed Secure S3 solution.

The challenge for Damecon was to migrate 1.5 million files from AWS S3 buckets to its Secure-S3 environment. The migration should not stand in the way of any production workload, which consisted of hundreds of objects being uploaded on an hourly basis.

This is where Netapp Cloud-Sync comes into the picture. Cloud-Sync is a SaaS service from NetApp for fast and secure data synchronization. Cloud Sync allows for data to be moved between local NFS or CIFS file shares, Amazon S3 object format, Azure Blob, IBM Cloud Object Storage or NetApp StorageGRID Webscale.

After installing a DataBroker (mediator) in the Damecon Managed Cloud, the biggest remaining factor is to ensure connectivity between source and destination. To ensure ease of connectivity, the DataBroker can also be installed in Azure, AWS or on-premise.

Once installed, a drag & drop wizard provides step by step guidance through the remaining process. Migrations can be performed between virtually  any combination of source and target storage.

In order to keep the data synchronized and updated, Cloud Sync can be configured to run every hour, on a scheduled date or time, or instantly.

Figure 1: Drag and drop menu NetApp Cloud Sync

The result of the Cloud Sync migration is that all 1.5 million objects were transferred within 7 hours and that the customer being able to begin using their Damecon Secure S3 cloud immediately. All of this without any downtime being experienced! All Thanks to Netapp Cloud sync!

The Damecon Secure-S3 solution consists of a Netapp StorageGRID® Webscale environment spread over two data center locations with NetApp E-series storage. Damecon’s Secure S3 environment guarantees redundant data storage across dual datacenters located in Amsterdam and Rotterdam.